Individual lessons as well as Parent-Child lessons are available. In-person and remote options are available. I offer very reasonable rates and am conveniently located on Route 47 in South Hadley. For more information or to schedule a free introductory lesson Contact Elise


Elise is a deep, masterful and sensitive pianist. She is a supportive, responsive and reliable accompanist and chamber musician. She is also, a lavish, inspired and shamanic improvisational musician. Her inspiration comes from Late Baroque, Late Romantic, Impressionist, Expressionist, Primitivist and Oriental styles, Nature, World Mythology, Esoteric Studies and her own deep mysticism.


Elise is an accomplished, friendly and infinitely patient piano teacher.She offers high-quality piano instruction in a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere. She respects her student’s needs and desires for their individual musical growth and serves them in manifesting their highest creative potential.


Elise is a deeply intuitive, compassionate and skillful healing practitioner, helping her clients to make profound healing changes at the levels of body, mind and spirit. She specializes in working with musicians, artists, people seeking to dissolve blocks and open to their creativity, trauma and abuse survivors and recovering addicts.